Douglass Phonetics Laboratory

The phonetics lab in the Douglass Building is outfitted for research and teaching in articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics, speech perception, psycholinguistics, and speech technology.  The lab is located in rooms 316, 318A, B, C, and D of the Douglass Building (South half of the third floor), and also shares some space (314 Douglass) with the SPAM Lab.  The lab is used by Natasha Warner’s classes, and also by students and faculty of the Linguistics Department and related areas.  If you would like to use the lab, or have questions about it, please contact Natasha Warner at nwarner@u.arizona.edu.



  • Dan Brenner
  • Ana Gonzalez
  • Maureen Hoffman
  • Priscilla Liu
  • Denise Osborne
  • Jae-Hyun Sung
  • Yan Chen
  • Sam Johnston
  • Natasha Warner


  • Karen Barto-Sisamout
  • Viktor Kharlamov (FL Atlantic U.)
  • Hiromi Onishi (Grinell Coll.)
  • Jessamyn Schertz (U. of Toronto)
  • Darin Arrick (U. Kentucky)
  • Jeff Berry (Italian Institute of Technology)
  • Sonya Bird (U. Victoria)
  • Lynnika Butler (Wiyot Tribe)
  • Maggie Camp (EAS, U. Arizona)
  • Miriam Diaz (Concordia U., Montreal)
  • Erin Good-Ament (Coll. William & Mary)
  • Rachel Hayes-Harb (U. Utah)
  • Cathy Hicks (Central Michigan U.)
  • Liberty Huskey
  • Keith Johnson (CSU Fresno)
  • Amy LaCross (U. Arizona)
  • Kyoko Masuda (Georgia Tech U.)
  • Yuka Matsugu
  • Naomi Ogasawara (Nat'l Taiwan Normal U.)
  • Atsuko Oyama
  • Natalya Samokhina (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Benjamin V. Tucker (U. Alberta, Edmonton)
  • Heather Van Volkinburg (Columbia U.)
  • Anna Woods

Current and recent research projects

  • Reduced, conversational speech (production and perception)
  • Cross-linguistic and cross-dialectal use of reduced speech
  • Mutsun language revitalization project
  • Scots Gaelic (collaboration with The Arizona Scottish Gaelic Syntax Project):  perception of segmental distinctions, spoken word recognition, aerodynamics of nasal fricatives
  • Reduction of Mandarin tones (Berry)
  • L2 vs. L3 acquisition of Portuguese vowels (Diaz)
  • Learning of semi-regular vowel harmony (LaCross)
  • Phonological processing of vowel harmony (Mongolian) (LaCross)
  • L1-L2 intonation (Barto-Sisamout)
  • Acquisition of tone (Ji)
  • Perception of Mandarin affricates in spontaneous speech (Wood)
  • Palatalization in Chilean Spanish (Huskey)
  • Phonetics of sexual orientation in Japanese speech (Camp)
  • Perception of intonation (Good-Ament)
  • Processing of Japanese devoiced vowels (Ogasawara)
  • Russian voicing assimilation (Samokhina)
  • L2 acquisition of Spanish trill, aerodynamics of trilling (Johnson)
  • Relationship between intonation and speech segmentation


  • Perception/psycholinguistic experiment facilities
  • Speech analysis software
  • Recording equipment
  • Air flow and pressure measurement
  • Palatography
  • EGG
  • Speech synthesis and recognition

  • For publications on reduced speech, see Warner's or Tucker's publication pages.
  • For publications on Mutsun revitalization or intonation in speech segmentation, see Warner's publications page.
  • For publications on the other topics listed, please contact the person listed after each topic.

Events: The lab holds weekly lab meetings, and organizes a picnic approximately one time per semester.

If you would like to see the booth schedule please click here.


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