D. Terence Langendoen

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Arlington, VA 22230 USA


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Mobile: +1 703.946.3754


At NSF: dlangend AT-SIGN nsf PERIOD gov

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Positions held

August 2008-present, Expert, Division of Information & Intelligent Systems, National Science Foundation.

May 2006-August 2008, Linguistics Program Director, Division of Behavioral & Cognitive Sciences, National Science Foundation (on half-time detail to the Office of Cyberinfrastructure, October 2006-August 2008).

2005-present, Professor Emeritus, Department of Linguistics, University of Arizona.

1988-2005, Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Arizona (Head 1988-1997).

1969-1988, Professor, Ph.D. Programs in English and Linguistics, City University of New York Graduate Center (Executive Officer, Linguistics 1971-1978).

1969-1987, Professor, Department of English, Brooklyn College, City University of New York (Associate Director, Linguistics Program, 1977-1982; Director, 1982-1987).

1968-1969, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, The Ohio State University.

1964-1968, Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, The Ohio State University.

1963-1964, Lecturer in Linguistics, Kennedy School of Missions, Hartford Theological Seminary.

Visiting positions at City University of Hong Kong (spring 1998, fall 2008, spring 2011), IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (summer 1964, academic year 1986-1987), Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht (spring 1977, Fulbright Senior Lectureship), University of Massachusetts at Amherst (summer 1974), University of California at Santa Cruz (summer 1973), State University of New York at Buffalo (spring 1970, summer 1971), Rockefeller University (academic year 1968-1969) and University of Pennsylvania (fall 1967).


1964, Ph.D. in Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

1961, S.B. in Humanities and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Honors and awards

Victoria A. Fromkin Lifetime Service Award, Linguistic Society of America, 2010.

Fellow, Association for Psychological Science, 2007.

Fellow, Linguistic Society of America, 2006.

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2002.

Partner in Education, New York City Board of Education, 1982.

Fellow, New York Academy of Sciences, 1977.

Selected professional memberships

American Association for the Advancement of Science (Chair, Section Z: Linguistics & Language Science, 2000).

Association for Computational Linguistics.

Linguistic Society of America (Member, Executive Committee 1973-1975, Secretary-Treasurer 1984-1988; President 1998).

Selected grants and contracts

Planning Grant for a Professional Master's Degree Program in Human Language Technology at the University of Arizona. Ford Foundation, through the Council of Graduate Schools, 2004 (PI).

E-MELD: Electronic Metastructure for Endangered Language Data. National Science Foundation BCS - 0094934, 2001-2005 (co-PI with Anthony Aristar, Helen Aristar-Dry, Doug Whalen).

Editor, Linguistics Abstracts. Blackwell Publishing, 1997-2005 (contract).

Graduate Research Traineeship for Cognitive Science: Language and Cognition. National Science Foundation BCS - 9256886, 1993-1997 (co-PI with Merrill Garrett).

Text Encoding Initiative. National Endowment for the Humanities, 1989-1992 (subcontract to chair the Analysis and Interpretation Working Group).

Support for the 1987, 1989 and 1991 LSA Linguistic Institutes. Exxon Educational Foundation, 1987-1991 (PI).

Workshop on Syntax and Semantics: Logical Form and its Semantic Interpretation. National Science Foundation BCS - 8519578, 1986-1987 (co-PI with Robert May).

Equipment for the 1986 LSA Linguistic Institute. IBM Academic and Information Systems, 1986 (co-PI with John Moyne).

Workshops and Fellowship Support for the 1986 LSA Linguistic Institute. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 1986 (PI).

Linguistics in the Undergraduate Curriculum. National Endowment for the Humanities EH-20558-85, 1985-1987 (PI).

Modelling the Recognition of Constituent Structures in Natural Languages. PSC-CUNY Research Award 664336, 1984-1985 (co-PI with Yedidyah Langsam).

Development of a Computer Laboratory in Linguistics. CUNY Chancellor's Grant Program for Curricular Diversity Award 12029, 1974-1976 (co-PI with John Moyne).

Psycholinguistic Investigations of Listening and Talking. CUNY Faculty Research Award 10723, 1974-1975 (co-PI with Virginia Valian).

The Interaction of Grammar and Perceptual Strategies. CUNY Faculty Research Award 1027, 1970-1971 (PI).

Other professional activities

Member of the Advisory Committee for the Open Language Archives Community, 2004-2006.

Member of the Advisory Board for the Linguist List, 2002-present.

Book review editor for the Linguist List, 2001-2006.

Member of the Executive Council for the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching of the University of Arizona, 2000-2002.

Member of the Advisory Board for the ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics at the Center for Applied Linguistics, 1999-2003.

Editor of the Explaining Linguistics book series published by Blackwell, 1997-2005.

Member of the NEH Advisory Group on Computers in Advanced Scholarly Research in the Humanities, 1988.

Academic consultant for the Equinox Films project entitled The Human Language Series directed by Gene Searchinger, 1986-1995.

Director of the LSA Linguistic Institute held at CUNY Graduate Center, summer 1986.

Consulting editor for Linguistics Abstracts, 1985-1996; Editor, 1997-2005; Emeritus editor, 2006-present.

Member of the Board of Trustees (ex officio) for the Center for Applied Linguistics, 1984-1988.

Member of the Editorial Board for Computational Linguistics, 1983-1985.

Member of the Seminar in the History and Philosophy of Science at Columbia University, 1981-1988.

Member of the University Faculty Senate of the City University of New York, 1980-1983.

Member of the Associate Editorial Board for Language, 1977-1980.

Member of the Editorial Board for Discourse Processes, 1976-1993.

Member of the Board of Associate Editors for Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 1975-2000.

Co-editor of Language and Thought book series published by Harvard University Press, 1974-1988.

Member of the Board of Consulting Editors for Foundations of Language, 1974-1979.

Participant in the NSF Workshop on Linguistic Research, Washington DC, October 1974.

Consulting editor for linguistics for the T. Y. Crowell Company, 1972-1979.

Member of the Associate Editorial Board for Linguistic Inquiry, 1969-1972.

Member of External Evaluation Teams for the Departments of Linguistics at Boston University, Cornell University, Louisiana State University, Montclair State College, State University of New York at Stony Brook, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Georgia, University of Iowa, and University of Pennsylvania, various times between 1983 and 2005.

Member of Internal Evaluation Teams at the University of Arizona for the Department of English and Department of Philosophy, various times between 1989 and 1998.

Member of Review Panels for the American Council of Learned Societies, National Endowment for the Humanities, and National Science Foundation, various times 1988-2006.

Member of the Program Committees for various conferences and meetings including the Association for Computational Linguistics Annual Meeting, CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, Formal Ontology in Information Systems, Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics, North-East Linguistic Society Annual Meeting, West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, and Western Conference on Linguistics, various times 1981-2009.

PhD dissertations directed

Martínez Fabian, Constantino (2006) Yaqui Coordination. University of Arizona.

Bruno, Ana Carla (2003) Waimiri Atroari Grammar: Some Phonological, Morphological, and Syntactic Aspects. University of Arizona (Jane Hill, co-director).

Farrar, Scott (2003) An Ontology for Linguistics on the Semantic Web. University of Arizona.

Ohno, Kazutoshi (2003) The Interpretation of Focalizers in Japanese and English. University of Arizona.

Lewis, William D. (2002) A Distributional and Theoretic Study of P2 Clitic Cluster Changes in South Slavic. University of Arizona.

Chen, Danny C.-C. (2000) A Quantificational Theory of Aspect for English and Chinese. University of Arizona.

Muadz, Husni (1991) Coordinate Structures: A Planar Representation. University of Arizona.

Sookgasem, Prapa (1990). Morphology, Syntax and Semantics of Auxiliaries in Thai. University of Arizona.

Levinson, Joan P. (1986) The History of Punctuation. CUNY Graduate Center.

Eisenstein, Miriam (1979) The Development of Dialect Discrimination and Steroeotyping in Adult Learners of English as a Second Language. CUNY Graduate Center.

Ritter, John (1978) The Status of Chomsky's Theory of Transformational-Generative Grammar. CUNY Graduate Center.

Nunberg, Geoffrey (1978) The Pragmatics of Reference. CUNY Graduate Center.

Malisdorf, Zafrira (1976) Complementation in Hebrew. CUNY Graduate Center.

Berkovits, Rochele (1976) Interaction of Bias, Context and Intonation in the Perception of Surface Structure Ambiguity. CUNY Graduate Center.

Ioup, Georgette (1975) The Treatment of Quantifier Scope in a Transformational Grammar. CUNY Graduate Center.

Kalish-Landon, Nancy (1974) Professional's Title as a Demand Characteristic. CUNY Graduate Center.

Dore, John (1972) The Development of Speech Acts. CUNY Graduate Center.

Selected publications

Note: For complete list of publications, with links, see Publications.

Cieri, Christopher, Khalid Choukri, D. Terence Langendoen, Nicoletta Calzolari, Johannes Leveling, Martha Palmer, Nancy Ide & James Pustejovsky (2010) A road map for interoperable language resource metadata. Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on International Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10), Valletta, Malta, ed. by Nicoletta Calzolari, Khalid Choukri, Bente Maegaard, Joseph Mariani, Jan Odijk, Stelios Piperidis, Mike Rosner & Daniel Tapias, 2506-2509.

Langendoen, D. Terence (2010) Review of Cross-linguistic Semantics of Tense, Aspect, and Modality, ed. by Lotte Hogeweg, Helen de Hoop & Andrej Malchukov. Linguist List 21.2754 (http://linguistlist.org/issues/21/21-2754.html)

Farrar, Scott & D. Terence Langendoen (2010) An OWL-DL implementation of GOLD: An ontology for the Semantic Web. Linguistic Modeling of Information and Markup Languages: Contributions to Language Technology, ed. by Andreas Witt & Dieter Metzing. Dordrecht: Springer.

Langendoen, D. Terence (2010) Just how big are natural languages? Recursion and Human Language, ed. by Harry van der Hulst, 139-146. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Bender, Emily & D. Terence Langendoen (2010) Computational linguistics in support of linguistic theory. Linguistic Issues in Language Technology 3(1).1-31.

Langendoen, D. Terence (2008) Coordinate grammar. Language 84.691-709.

Langendoen, D. Terence & Constantino Martínez Fabian (2006) Los paradigmas nominales de yaqui y la teoria de la estructura paradigmática. Memorias del VIII Encuentro Internacional de Lingüística en el Noroeste, Tomo I, ed. by Zarina Estrada Fernández, 259-274. Hermosillo: Editorial Unison.

Langendoen, D. Terence (2006) Disjunctive numerals of estimation. Style 40.46-55.

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Some non-professional activities

Member of the bass/baritone section of Choralis, Falls Church VA, 2007-present (Board Treasurer 2009-present).

Member of the Board of Directors of the Tucson Chamber Artists, 2006-present

Member of the bass/baritone section of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra Chorus, 2003-2006.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Miramonte Neighborhood Association, Tucson AZ, 2001-2006 (Vice-President 2002-2003; Secretary 2003-2006).

Member of the bass/baritone section of the Tucson MasterSingers, 1999-2006.

Previously, I was a member of various singing and performance groups including the Tremont Temple Baptist Church choir (Boston, MA), Columbus (OH) Symphony Chorus, Brooklyn (NY) Philharmonia Chorus, St. Cecilia Chorus (New York, NY), Metropolitan Singers (New York, NY), Savory Singers (New York, NY), and University of Arizona Community Chorus (Tucson, AZ).