The Law and Social Justice Film Series
 Hosted by Professor Orly Lobel

Open to the Law School Community
*** Pizza, Drinks and Snacks will be served ****
With brief commentary before the screenings (but while eating!)


October 6 (Thursday), 5:30 – [featuring guest faculty: Professor Leslie Mcallister / Professor Dan Mogin] WH 2B


A Civil Action (1999) [112 minutes]
Starring John Travolta: A film about environmental law, complex litigation, and causation.










October 19 (Wednesday), 5:30  --[featuring guest faculty: Professors Michael Devitt and Fred Zacharias]WH 2B


 The Verdict (1982) [129 minutes]

Starring Paul Newman: A personal injury lawyer find meaning in his practice.





October 28 (Friday), 1:15-[featuring guest faculty: Professor Frank Partnoy] WH 131


Enron:  The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) [109 minutes]
The title says it all…they were smart…









November 16 (Wednesday), 5:30 [Guest Participant: Bob Goff, USD Law 85’, President of Restore International, rescuing young girls from brothels in India]  WH 2A


Born Into Brothels (2005) [85 minutes]
Academy Award-winning documentary about children and prostitution in Calcutta, India.






November 30th  (Wednesday), 12:00 –[featuring guest faculty: Professor Miranda McGowan] WH 131


Philadelphia (1993)  [125 minutes]

Starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, Academy Award winning about discrimination in employment, AIDS, health and benefits, sexual orientation.