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Alas most of the details on page are no longer available

Due to a severe instance of cyber-stalking in May 2009, I have been forced to take this page down. If you want to know about me, write me and I'll probably tell you. The crucial facts are:

BA (hons, 1991), Celtic Studies and theoretical linguistics at the University of St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto.

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1995

SSHRC postdoc fellowship under the direction of Eithne Guilfoyle. and Jim McCloskey.

1996-1997 Visiting assistant Professor University of Michigan.

1997-1998 Visiting assistant Professor Harvard for a year, although bizarrely I was hired as a semanticist not a syntactician. That year I danced with the MIT folkdance club again and with Mandala, a semi-professional performance group, which was great fun.

1998-2004 Assistant Professor University of Arizona

2004-2009 Associate Professor University of Arizona

2009-Present Professor, University of Arizona

My publication list & CV

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