Scottische D'Auvergne


These notes were written by Yves Moreau.

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One of many variations on the widespread European schottische/shottis. Learned form the Bourée Gannatoise group from France, July 1991 at the Heritage Interantional workshop, Cornwall, Ontario.

Rhythm: 2/4
Formation: Couples in Ballroom position
Style: Small Steps, somewhat bouncy.


Start at the beginning of any musical phrase. With Yves' music, start after the six chords that immediately follow the slow music.


Bar 1: Facing ptr, M: step on L to L (1), close R to L (&), step L to L (2). W: step R to R (1), close L to R (&), step R to R (2).

Bar 2: Same as bar 1 with opposite footwork and direction

Bar 3: Turning out to face M's left, W's R, still in ballroom pos and moving LOD. M: step L (1), R (2). W: step R (1), L (2).

Bar 4: repeat bar 1

Bar 5: repeat bar 2

Bar 6: M: repeat bar 1. W: repeat bar one, but add extra step on L backwards after count 2 (&)

Bar 7: Both: facing partner cross R in front of L (1) close L (&), repeat (2&) -- buzz or swing steps

Bar 8: M: repeat beats (1&) from bar 7. Step R in front of L (2) pause (&). W: repeat bar 7.

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