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Carnie (2007) Syntax: A Generative Introduction. 2nd Edition. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.

USE-RESTRICTED MATERIALS: For Instructors and Teaching Assistants ONLY.

The following handbook may be used only by instructors for their own personal use. It may NOT be placed on a course website (even if password protected) or be distributed on paper.

This PDF cannot be printed or altered. If you REALLY need a version that can be printed, email me and give me a good reason and I'll send you a version that can be printed.

USE-RESTRICTED MATERIALS: For Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Students enrolled in classes using Syntax 2E.

The following materials may be used and edited by faculty and distributed to students. These materials may be placed on a course website provided that access is controlled by password (e.g. on a course site system such as Blackboard, D2L, Webct. etc.). If you edit these materials please do not remove my copyright notice.

NON-USE-RESTRICTED MATERIALS: These materials may be freely distributed.


Many of these files are very large, so I have put up .zip versions of them. The unzipping process requires a password (different from the password that brought you to this page), If you emailed me for the password to this page, then I should have also sent you the password for the .zip files.

I personally have found that the .zip files don't uncompress properly if you just double click on them. I recommend using a program like Stuffit Expander. There are several such programs available for free on the web.