Ofelia Zepeda, Ph. D.
Professor, Departments of Linguistics and American Indian Studies, University of Arizona

Curriculum Vitae

Education University of Arizona, Tucson, B.A. 1980, M.A. 1981, Ph.D. 1984; Linguistics; Dissertation title: Topics in Papago Morphology. Dissertation Director: Dr. Susan Steele.
Teaching Positions 1992-pres. Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Arizona.
1991-1992 Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Arizona.
1986-1991 Assistant Research Social Scientist, -University of Arizona
1989 Faculty, Linguistic Society of America Summer Linguistics Institute.
1984-1987 Instructor, Dept. of linguistics,, University of Arizona
Courses taught: Introductory Papago -Structure of a Non-western Language, Native Languages of North America
1984 Instructor, Yaqui Pasqua Tribe. Continuing education University of Arizona. Course taught: Language and Social Issues,
Teaching Associate, English Dept. and American Indian Studies Program. University of Arizona. Course taught: Studies in Oral Tradition
1980-1991 American Indian Language Development Institute (AILDI). Courses taught: Papago/Pima linguistics, Creative writing for Native American Communities, Materials development for bilingual classrooms, Writing across the curriculum
1979-1984 Teaching Associate, Dept. of linguistics, University of Arizona. Course taught: Introductory Papago
Administrative Positions  1986-1991 Director of the American Indian Studies Program, University of Arizona. Title: Assistant Research Social Scientist, Soc. and Behavioral Sciences.
1989-Pres. Co-Director, The American Indian Language Development Institute (AILDI). This is a four week summer institute for Native American educators and educators servicing Native American students. The AILDI has a fifteen year history in the field of bilingual and language education for American Indian children. I have been teaching in it for all of its existence.
Consultant Positions 1995 Language Curriculum consultant, Nicola Valley Band, Merritt, BC Canada
Consultant/instructor, Southwest Indigenous Languages Task Force Workshop, University of Arizona
1991-1993 Consultant, "Pathways" Permanent exhibit, ASM, University of Arizona
1994 "The Desert is No Lady", video production. Janice Monk, coordinator. Funded by The Ford Foundation.
1994-1995 Proposal Reviewer for the ANA (Administration for NativeAmericans) Native American Languages Act first funding cycle
1994-1995 "Language Loss" video production. Jenny and John Crouch, producers
1993 Consultant, United States Dept. of Justice on the reauthorization of the United States Voting Rights Act.
1991-1992 Consultant, "Code Talkers: The first 29". A video production. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
Consultant, "Indian America". A video production, Media Resources, Washington, D.C.
1989 Coordinator, creative writing workshop. Title VII Project. Sells, Arizona.
Coordinator, cross-cultural integration and communication for teachers, Tucson, Arizona
1987-1988 Subject Advisor, Arizona State Museum exhibition planning committee. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
1987-1988 Ethnographic/linguistic advisor, Arizona Desert Botanical Garden. Funded ?by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
1987 Developed Toliono 0'odham. language assessment instrument for adults. Instrument is currently in use.
1985-1987 Tohono 0'odham language policy committee member. Drafted official language policy for the tribe. Currently adopted by the tribe.
1984-1985 Consultant, finalize Yaqui tribal language practical orthography. Funded by the National Bilingual Center, Tempe, Arizona.
1984-1985 Consultant, editor of O'odham language texts for use in elementary schools. Santa Rosa Ranch School, Toliono 0'odharn Reservation.
1982 Consultant, Pima Community College. To develop conversational 0'odham language course.
1979 Consultant, Hualapai Bilingual Project. To assist in developing an orthographic system for Hualapai, Havasupai and Mohave.
1979 Consultant, to develop orthography for Pima language. Sacaton, AZ.
Editorships 1996 International Journal of the Sociology of Language, guest editor (with Teresa McCarty), Indigenous Language Use and Change in the Americas, General Editor, Joshua Fishman. (To appear, 1998)
1991-pres. Series editor, Sun Tracks, a Native American literary publication published by the University of Arizona Press and sponsored by the English Dept. and American Indian Studies Program. University of Arizona.
1994-95?Bilingual Research Journal, Special Issue on Native American languages, University of Arizona, Tucson. 1995
1990-1991 Co-series editor, Sun Tracks, An American Indian literary Publication.
1990 Dancing with the Wind, The Arts Reach Literary Magazine. Guest editor. Vol. 11. Tucson, Arizona.
1985 Sand Papago Oral History Project. Collector/translator. Limited mimeograph copies available from Western Archeological and Conservation Center. Tucson, Arizona.
Presentations 1996- "The Politics of Monolingualism", Modem Language Association Meeting, Washington, D.C.
1996 "Assessing Language Loss and Restoring Languages" with Jane Hill, moderator, Betsy Brandt. Symposium, Losing Species, Languages and Stories: Linking Cultural and Environmental Change in the Binational Southwest. Arizona Sonora Museum, Tucson, AZ.
1996 "Language Maintenance Activity", International Native American Languages Issues Institute, Keynote speaker, Mille Lacs Reservation, Minnesota. 1996
1994- "The -Status of Endangered Languages in the U.S." Panel Chair. Modern Languages Association Conference. San Diego, CA.
"A Handbook on American Indian Language Programs". A symposium. Co-chair, Kenneth Hale. Native American Languages Issues Institute. Glorieta, New Mexico.
"Cultural Production and Cultural Copyright", Cornell University. Ithaca, NY
Tohono 0'odham Chapel Series, Kozo Miyoshi (photographer). Center for Creative Photography Gallery talk
"The Status of Native American Languages: A research Universities Responsibilities" UA Linguistic Colloquiurn Talk.
1993- "Developing Literacy Through Literature", presentation at the Arizona 1993 TESOL Conference. Chinle, Arizona
"Rain Words in Tohono O'odham", presentation at the American Folklore Society Meeting. Eugene, Oregon.
1993 "American Indian Literature and Literacy", presentation at the Bureau Indian Affairs National Literacy Conference. Orlando, Florida.
1993 Presentation for University of Arizona Honors Program.
1993 Role of Native American Linguist, Linguistic Society of America. Conference special session on endangered languages. Los Angeles, California.
1991- Some People Say I Sound Like I'm From Around Here: Dialect 'outsiders' in Tohono O'odham Communities. Southwestern Anthropological Association Meeting, Tucson, Arizona. With Dr. Jane Hill.
O'odham Suffixes, Dept. 'of linguistics and Dept. of Anthropology. University of Texas, Austin, Texas.
Tohono O'odham Plurals, American Anthropological Association Meeting. New Orleans, LA.
Flowers for Your Ears, Anthropology class. University of Arizona.
Tohono O'odham History and Culture Through literature, Wakefield Middle School, Tucson, Arizona.
Sun Tracks Literary Series, American Indian Graduate Center, University of Arizona
1989- Historical and Contemporary Perspective: The Hia-cedO'odham. The Border Issues Summit. San Xavier, Arizona.
Update: Tohono O'odham Dialect Study, Friends of Uto-Aztec Conference. University of Arizona.
American Indian Community Education: Higher Education Policies Toward Indian Education. The Society for Applied Anthropology. Santa Fe, New Mexico.
1988- Experiential Marker -dn Tohono O'odham. American Anthropological Association Meeting. Phoenix, Arizona.
Language Issues for Native American Communities. Moderator, Native American Language Issues Conference. Phoenix, Arizona.
Creating New Native American Literature. Native American Language Issues Conference. Phoenix, Arizona.
Tohono O'odham Language Assessment for Adults and Children: A Preliminary Model. Native American Languages Issues Conference. Phoenix, Arizona.
San Xavier Youth Conference. San Xavier, Arizona.
Tribal Involvement in English Only Issues. Arizona Bilingual Education Association Meeting. Mesa, Arizona.
Legislating the English language. Arizona Teachers of English Association Conference. Tucson, Arizona.
1987- Directions for American Indian Literature. Modem Language Association Meeting. San Francisco, California.
Literature, Language and License: Aesthetic Value and Literary Form in American Vernacular Languages. Modem Language Association Meeting. San Francisco, California.
Poetry and Song in the Native Language. NEH Summer Seminar on American Indian Verbal Arts and Literature. University of Arizona
Creative Writing in a Bilingual Classroom. 28th Annual Arizona Indian Education Conference. Phoenix, Arizona.
American Indian Languages: Caught in the Middle. Conference on Official English and the Border States. Tempe, Arizona.
Tribal Language Policy Writing: A Tohono O'odham Perspective. Native American Language Issues Conference. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
1985- Semantics of Papago Instrumental Suffix -kuf. Uto-aztecan Conference, Catalina, Arizona.
Poetry Readings 1996- Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., November, 1996
Poetry Center Reading, Modem Languages Building, University of Arizona. September, 1996
Antigone Book Store, Tucson, Arizona. October, 1996.
Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona, April, 1996
1995-"Great Plains Writer's Conference" South Dakota State University
The Orion Society, "Forgotten Languages Tour" (readings in Tucson, AZ: Prescott, AZ; Moab, Utah; Redlands, CA)
The BOOKMARK, Tucson, Arizona
BreadLoaf College, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Jungian Psychology Regional Conference, Tucson, AZ
1994- Cornell University, Akwe:kon House
Creative Writing Programs Conference. Arizona State University.
4th Avenue Social Club. " Insomniyackathon' 'for Tucson Literacy Programs.
1993- The Folklore Society Meeting. Eugene, Oregon.
The Museum of the Native American, Washington, D.C.
College Park, Maryland.
1992- "Poetics and Politics: A Native American Redding Series", University of Arizona.
Tucson Poetry Festival. Tucson, Arizona.
"Returning the Gift: A Festival of Native American Writers". University?of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.
1990- "The Written and Unwritten Word: Native Southwest Voices in Story, Poetry and Song". NEH summer seminar. University of Arizona.
1989- Friends of Uto-aztecan Conference. University of Arizona.
Poetry Reading and Discussion. "Ancient Voices in a New Time: Contemporary American Indian and Hawaiin Literature". University of Hawai'i, Hilo, Hawai'i.
University of Hawai'i, Monoa campus.
Tucson Poetry Festival. Tucson, Arizona.
1988- Desert Botanical Garden. Phoenix, Arizona.
Arizona Bilingual Association Conference. Mesa, Arizona.
Tucson Botanical Garden. Tucson, Arizona.
1987- Reading and discussion. "The Wilderness Still Lingers". Produced for National Public Radio. University of Arizona.
1985- Writers of the Purple Sage Conference. Tucson, Arizona.
1984-Tucson Poetry Festival. Tucson, Arizona.
Fellowships and Grants 1996- The Lannan Foundation, Los Angeles, CA. Indigenous Communities Program. (For student stipends for AILDI)
The Institute for the Preservation of the Original Languages of the Americas (IPOLA), Santa Fe, NM (For student stipends for AILDI)
The Tohono O'odham Gaming Industry, Sells, AZ (For student stipends for AILDI)
1993-96- Summer Session Distinguished Lecture Series grants
Summer Session Indian Summer Lecture Program grants (awarded in both categories to bring guest speakers for the American Indian Language Development Institute 1996)
1992-1993- The National Endowment for the Humanities. "Southwest Memory: Voices and Views on Indigenous Arizona History", A summer seminar for secondary and elementary school teachers. With Dr. Teresa McCarty.
1990- Faculty initiated Minority Student Retention Proposal. The Graduate College. Proposal title: Summer Institute for Retaining Arizona Indian Graduate Students.
Faculty Initiated Minority Student Retention Proposal. The Graduate College. Proposal Title: American Indian Language and Literature Conference.
The Arizona Humanities Council. Proposal Title: The Written and Unwritten Word--Native Southwest Voices in Story, Poetry and Song". With Dr. Teresa McCarty.
1989- Social and Behavioral Sciences Minority and Women Visiting Speaker's Fund. Faculty Initiated Proposal for Minority Graduate Student Recruitment and Retention. The Graduate College. Proposal Title: Navajo Poet: Luci Tapahonso. Native American Indian Associates, Inc.. New York, N.Y. Proposal Title: Interdisciplinary Meeting for Proposed Community Controlled Schools.
1986- National Science Foundation. Proposal Title: A Sociolinguistic Survey of Tohono O'odham Regional Variation. With Dr. Jane Hill.
1984- Department of Anthropology. Proposal title: Translation of Traditional Oral literature.
1983- Western Archeological and Conversation Center. Sand Papago Oral History Project.
Service- University 1997 Proposal Reader, Graduate College Final Year Fellowships. University of Arizona.
1996 SBS Diversity Committee, SBS College, member
1996 Presenter, MAP (Minority Action Program) Program, University of Arizona.
1996 Presenter, Intercom Staff Advisory Committee, SBS College. University of Arizona.
1994 Presenter. UA Transfer Day. UA Transfer Program and the Native American Resource Center.
"Stories from the Land" A Reading series by Native California writers and Poets. Organizer.
1993 Member, search committee for Honors Program Director.
1993 Member, University-wide committee for the four year sequential degree program with Pima Community College.
1990 Panelist, Provost's Symposium on Teaching.
1989 Diversity Action Plan. Appointed by the President.
Re-organization of the Office of Indian Programs Task force.
1990 Facilitator, Graduate Assistants in Teaching Orientation.
1986-1990 Presidents Advisory Committee on Indian Affairs. Appointed by the President.
1988 Centennial Minority Graduate Student Award Committee. Chair.
Advisory Committee for the American Indian Graduate Center. Chair.
1986-1990 Advisor to the Intertribal Graduate Council.
Service- Profession 1996-pres. Co-chair, Planning Symposium for a "Clearinghouse" on Endangered Languages, (IPOLA) Santa Fe, NM.
1996-pres. Executive Board Member. International Preservation of the Original Languages of the Americas (IPOLA). Santa Fe, NM
1996-pres. Advisory Board Member. National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C.
1996-97?AINS/English department, search committee member
1996-97?Linguistics department, Head search committee member
1996 Division of American Indian Literatures, MLA, Chair
1993-96?Committee on Languages &Literatures of the Americas, MLA, member 1995 AINS/English, target of opportunity search, member
1994-95?Linguistics Peer Evaluation Committee
1992-93?Linguistics department, target of opportunity search, Chair.
1989 Linguistics department, Peer Evaluation Committee.
1990-1992 Linguistics department, Minority Student Recruitment.
1989-90?Comparative Cultural Studies Task force, member.
1986-91?American Indian Studies Program, head graduate advisor.
1990-pres. Collaborating faculty, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching. 1990-91?American Indian Studies Self-evaluation committee chair.
1990-1994. D'Arcy McNickle Center for the History of the American Indian. Advisory board member.
1991-1993 Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas, representative at large.
199 1 -pres. The National Museum of the. American Indian, advisory committee member on research.
1990-pres. The Smithsonian Series of Studies in Native American Literatures, editorial ?board member.
1987-89 Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute Planning Committee member.
1987 American Indian Language Development Institute Planning committee chair.
1980-1989 Editorial committee member for Sun Tracks a American Indian literary publication.
Service- Community 1995 Reviewer for the Ford Foundation Minority Graduate Fellowships.
1993 Reviewer for the Ford Foundation Minority Graduate Fellowships.
1989-pres. Advisory board member, KUAT Radio and Television.
1988-pres. Member of the O'odham Waila Festival Committee.
1990-91 President of the American Indian Alumni Association.
1984-pres. Announcer for DESERT VOICES, a radio program for and about the Native American Community, KUAT Public Radio
1980-pres. Volunteer interpreter for University Medical Center and the United States Federal Court.
Other (special awards & recognition) 1996 Tanner Award, For Significant Contribution to the American Indian Community. Awarded by the U of A American Indian Alumni Association. November, 1996.
1995 Featured in, Notable Native Americans, Gale Research Inc. Publishers. Washington, DC
1990 Distinguished Service Award conferred by the Graduate College. Nominated for the Summer Excellence in Teaching award, Office of Summer Session.
1988 Recognized for 10 years of service and teaching in an American Indian language program by the Native American Language Issues Institute.
1987 Recognized by the Tohono 'O'odham Nation for my accomplishments in higher education.
Recognized by CITY MAGAZINE as "one of the people who make Tucson special. Recognized by the Arizona Junior College Board of Regents as an outstanding Junior College Graduate.
1985 American Indian Achievement Award, nominated by Congressman Morris K. Udall.