Ofelia Zepeda, Ph. D.
Associate Professor Departments of Linguistics and American Indian Studies, University of Arizona


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  • Books
    Jewedl-hoi/Earth Movements: Q'odham Poems (With sound recording). Kore Press. Tucson, Arizoda
    Gawulig Nioki Dialect Variation in Tohono O'odham (In progress) 1995
    Southwest Memory: Indigenous Arizona Tribal Histories. (In progress) 1994-1995
    Ocean Power: Poems from the Desert. University. of Arizona Press. Tucson
    Home Places An anthology of Native American literature in celebration ?of twenty years of publishing by Sun Tracks. Editors, Larry Evers and Ofelia Zepeda. University of Arizona Press. Tucson
    A Papago Grammar. University of Arizona Press. 1983. (third printing 1993).
    Mat Hekid o Ju:/When It Rains: Papago and Pima Poetry. Editor and contributor. University of Arizona Press, 1982.
    South Corner of Time. University of Arizona Press. 1980. Section editor and contributor.
    Refereed Journal Articles
    "Derived Words in Tohono 0'odham", International Journal of American Linguistics. With Jane Hill. 1992.
    "Desiderative-Causative in Tohono 0'odham". International Journal of American Linguistics. 1987.
    "0'odham Ha-cegitodag/Papago and Pima Thoughts". International Journal of American Linguistics. 1980.
    Voices in the Desert: Contemporary Approaches to Language Maintenance and Survival of an Ancient Language, Tohono 0'odham. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, Joshua Fishman, editor. 1996 (to appear 1998)
    "Bury Me with A Band" in Reinventing the Enemy's Language, Joy Harjo and Gloria Bird, editors. Norton Press, 1997.
    "Wind" and "Morning Air" in Getting Over the Color Green: Contemporary Southwestern Environmental Literature, Scott Slovic editor. University of Arizona Press, 1997
    "Ocean Power: Poems from the Desert", Making Worlds: Gender, Metaphor, Materiality, Susan Aiken, Ann Brigham, Sallie Marsten Penny Waterstone, editors. University of Arizona Press, 1997
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