Mary Willie, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor, Departments of Linguistics and American Indian Studies, University of Arizona

Curriculum Vitae

Education Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Arizona, 1991.
M.A. in Linguistics, University of Arizona, May, 1988.
B.A. in Elem. Education, Northern Arizona University, Dec. 1975.
Dissertation title: Navajo Pronouns and Obviation ,
Thesis Supervisor: Eloise Jelinek
Major: Native American Languages and Linguistics
Employment History Assistant Professor, August 1994 - present, University of Arizona, Linguistics and American Indian Studies.
American Indian Language Development Institute, University of Arizona, Summers 1988-present.
Honors Invited presenter at Honoring Ceremony for Robert Young and William Morgan (developers of Navajo Dictionary) in Window Rock, AZ. Aug. 1996.
Personal Acknowledgment to Robert Young. In Athabaskan Papers in Honor of Robert Young. University of New Mexico Press. 1996
Grants: Submitted Acquired Non-Fluency in Navajo: Cross-linguistic and cross-cultural issues in the diagnosis of agrammatic speech and aphasia. Office of Vice President for Research University of Arizona. $5,000 to locate patients in Navajoland
Granted SBSRI Grant: Morphological Knowledge of Navajo Speakers
To develop a major proposal to National Science Foundation
Amount: 5,000.00
Summer 1996
The Morphology-Syntax Interface in Athapaskan Languages
National Science Foundation
Workshop at the Linguistics Society of Americaâs 1994 Summer Institute
Amount: $12, 389 with Eloise Jelinek as co-PI.
Jan 1995 - Jan. 1996
Service: National Member-at-Large of Executive Committee for the Study of Indigenous ?Languages of Americas, Oct. 1994-95.
Member of Cultural Diversity In Linguistics, LSA, Sept. 1994-96.
Member of Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages, 1995-pres.
Local and State Participant in month long Navajo Semantics Workshop in Tsaile, July 1997.
Panel: Bridges to Student Success: The Education of Bilingual/ESL Students. Annual Meeting of NM Bilingual Education Association, Gallup, NM ?1996.
The Articulation of Navajo Courses to the University of Arizona. Annual Meeting of Navajo Language Program Articulation Task Force. November 22. 1996. Tsaile, AZ. Invited panelist: Proposal to Develop a Center for the Study of Navajo. July 17, ?1996. Window Rock, AZ.
Review for American Indian Culture and Research Journal ÎWe Could Make a Book: The Textual Tradition of Navajo Literature". 1996.
Volunteer: Navajo Interpreter in Federal and County Courts, 1994 - present.
University Reading of Senior Compositions Nov. 1997
Graduate Council (tenure 1996-1999)
Udall Center Director Search Dec. Î96-Apr. Î97, Holly Smith, chair
Graduate College: Scoring Fellowship Proposals, Appointed by Dean Hixon Dec. 1996
Associate Vice Presidentâs Advisory Panel on Retention of Minority Students, Susan Steele, Chair. Sept. 12, 1996
Test of Spoken English Committee for Graduate College, Appointed by Dean Hixon. March 1996
Language Proficiency Testing for the University 1994-present
Developed Testing Instrument for Testing Proficiency in Navajo.
Linguistics Member of Barbara Meekâs Dissertation Committee
Chair of Navajo Instructorâs Search. Hired Geneva John to teach 104A & B. Spring 1997.
Member of Proposed Curriculum for MA in American Indian Linguistics, 1997-present.
Annual Peer Review with A. Lehrer and A. Barss (1996)
Southwest Indigenous Languages Taskforce 1995-present.
American Indian Studies Program Curriculum Committee (1994-present)
Eileen Luna, mentoring new professor (1996)
1997 Annual Review for AIS (with Rob Williams, Nancy Parezo)